By utilizing our services or booking with us, you agree to abide by all our terms and conditions and general provisions.

 1Payment Methods

 * Bank transfers with a 3% fee.

 * Deposit: All deposits paid are non-refundable. The deposit pays 30% of the total cost when the booking is made.

 * The remaining balance should be made at least 3 days before the departure day.

2. Luggage & Accommodation Policy
 * Luggage will be tied on the back of the motorcycle during the trip.
 * Additional luggage and suitcase will be sent by bus to the last trip's destination may incur extra charges.

 * For a large group, you can request the support van which carries all the luggage, this option with an extra charge.

 * We provide private rooms at the homestay or 2-star hotel standard. If you want to upgrade to a high-quality hotel standard ( extra charge), please request us before the booking is made.

3. Our tour guides

* We guarantee that all our riders with at least 20 years or more experience in riding.

* Our passionate tour guides can speak English and will explain to you at each stop.

* For the group tour, we will have a tour leader will have responsible for your trip. There is a mechanic man who will be in the group and will help to solve the trouble with our motorbike problems.

* We use a motorcycle from 150cc, not a small scooter. It is more comfortable for you to sit. 

4. Passenger & responsibility

* When the booking is made if there is no request for a ride, it means you will sit behind our rider as a pillion ride. It cannot be changed when the tour starts.

* Any request for self-ride should be asked. If you are the only person doing the self-ride on the trip, the price will have an extra charge and it will not be changed if the self-ride group is of 3 people.

* The rider who wants to do a ride should have a valid international driver's motorbike license which is accepted in Vietnam. Please check in FAQ page.

* The tour provider is not liable for any loss, delays, theft, or actual damage to participants' belongings.

* Travel Insurance is not included in the trip, so we strongly recommend that all passengers have health and travel insurance from local providers before embarking on the journey.

* Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: Individuals with severe allergies should take necessary precautions before the trip, as we cannot guarantee allergen-free environments. We cannot be held accountable for the actions of other passengers that may trigger someone’s allergies. 

5. Cancellation Policy

* Notification of Cancellation
Should you or a party member decide to cancel the holiday, the primary contact must formally notify us or the travel agent where the booking was made, in writing.

*Cancellation Charges
Upon your notification of cancellation, we will apply the cancellation fees as stipulated in the table. These fees are determined based on the timing of your written notification. This policy holds under various circumstances including but not limited to:
    a)  Non-compliance with the outlined payment schedule for the tour,
    b)  Visa denials or late arrival to Vietnam,
    c)  Inability to travel due to various reasons such as medical conditions, death, or jury service (contact us for a comprehensive list).

6. Gratuity

Tipping is not expected but appreciated. Tipping your tour guides is a personal choice and is based on the quality of service provided. It is common to give a tip of around 5-10% of the total tour cost, especially if you had an enjoyable and informative experience.

 • NOTE: Visitors who have experience in riding a motorbike and have no valid license in Vietnam but would like to do self-ride, please contact us via our WhatsApp hotline to get more information.