What's it like to ride in Vietnam?

Ranked in the top 5 ride destinations in the world, Vietnam offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience for riders. 'Vietnam Motorcycle Tours' are designed to get you into real Vietnam, away from the hustle and bustle of major cities and tourist areas. Most of our clients rate 'Motorbike Tours in Vietnam' as the best thing they have ever done in Vietnam. The country is blessed with stunning landscapes and super twisty countryside back roads that wind their way through remote villages deep in history and rich in culture, making it a rider's paradise. 

Is it legal to ride a motorbike in Vietnam?

Visitors who would like to ride a motorcycle in Vietnam must have an international motorbike driver's license ( IDP). The IDP should be on the list of countries that have signed the Convention on Road Traffic ( Vienna, 8 November 1968). Please read the link below to see if your license is valid or not valid in Vietnam. 


What bike options are available for the self-driving experience?

We offer three bike options for you to choose from, each catering to different skill levels and preferences:

1. Friendly: 125cc Automatic Bikes - These bikes offer an effortless and convenient riding experience. They are suitable for riders of all skill levels, thanks to their automatic transmission.

2. Amazing: 110cc Semi-Automatic Bikes - These bikes provide a user-friendly experience with a smooth ride. They are perfect for those who want a balance of performance and simplicity.

3. Spectacular: 150cc Bikes - These bikes are powerful and thrilling, making them ideal for adventurous riders seeking speed and control.

Is it safe to go with 'Easy-Rider' in Vietnam?

Sit on the back of 'Easy Rider' is best suited for an experienced motorbike. While we don't take inexperienced or first-time sit on the back of riders to enjoy this truly unique country. The speeds are generally low, and the Guide( Easy Rider) are good riders. We are always alert and watch for dogs, chickens, buffalo, children, and many other hazards that can (and will) suddenly appear. At 'Vietnam Motorcycle Tours,' we avoid national highways as much as possible and focus on taking you to the real Vietnam, away from the busy city traffic. We venture into remote areas with little to no traffic, providing stunning mountain roads, small remote villages, and incredible countryside, much better than the busy city traffic.

How long do we ride each day?

Actual motorcycle time is around 5-8 hours in the saddle and plenty of stops to check things out. We drive average distances of about 150 to 200 kilometers daily, depending on the terrain. The speeds on these beautiful country roads are low (you will rarely exceed 80 km/h), which is better for taking in the exquisite scenery and enjoying the constantly curvy roads. So please relax and enjoy the ride; it's not a race!

What about pillion & beginner riders?

We welcome pillion passengers, and many couples choose to ride with us. Our bikes offer plenty of room and good comfort for riders and pillions. Pillions who are touring with their partner on the same bike will receive a 30% discount. Sorry, our tours are not suitable for beginner riders. However, we have limited seats for non-riders to jump onboard with one of our rider guides or in our support minivan.

What if I want to stop and take a photo?

It's your adventure, and we want to take you there. There are many daily stops to grab a coffee, take a break, and enjoy the views. You'll have plenty of time to grab some excellent pictures, meet the locals, and check out the sights.

How do I take my luggage?

When you travel in Vietnam, you carry two backpacks usually. In that case, The large backpack contains items that won't be used during the ride, while the small bag can hold important things like your phone, money, sunscreen, etc. At the start of each day, we will cover the large backpack with a plastic bag in case it rains and tie it securely to the back of the vehicle. We'll keep it safe on our motorbikes during the day and take it out when we finish the ride each day.

As for the small backpack, we'll place it on the front of the gas tank. So you could grab your items from it quickly.

When's the best time to come to Vietnam?

Any time is a great time to see this wonderful country! February to October is the dry season. November to January is the wet season. The wet season has advantages, such as cheaper airfares to and from Vietnam, and the countryside looks glorious best, lush and green with abundant roadside waterfalls.

What money or cards should I bring?

The local currency is the Vietnamese Dong. You could exchange your money in Vietnam, where you generally get better rates than trying to convert back home. The tour includes various expenses. You will only require small amounts of cash for dinner/beer/snacks each day, plus souvenir/shopping money if you wish. There are many ATMs, and nearly all cards work fine, but it is an excellent idea to let your bank know that you are traveling to Asia, or they may stop your card due to fraud protection services—ATMs in all the larger towns/cities, etc.

Personal Medical Insurance? 

When traveling to Vietnam, you must have personal medical insurance. This type of insurance covers you in case of accidents or injuries.

It's important to note that tourists cannot obtain a local license in Vietnam, and even if you have a business visa, acquiring the necessary paperwork can take up to 10 days. As a result, it's nearly impossible for foreigners to purchase personal medical insurance from local companies.

You can still obtain coverage through international insurance providers like Allianz, CHI, World Nomads, or websites like Lonely Planet. They typically only require proof of your country or international motorbike driving license. You're insuring against any mishaps during your travels with this insurance.

How do I pay the deposit for the tour?

To secure your booking for the tour, we require a 30% deposit per person in advance. We will provide you with our bank account details for a direct deposit via transfer. Additionally, you can pay online using a credit card, but please note that this option has a 3% bank service fee.

Once you confirm your booking, we will send you a secure payment link to complete the deposit. The entire payment should be made at least thirty (15) days before the departure date. We regret to cancel your reservation if we do not receive the full payment by the time of the request. In particular, the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.

When paying for the tour, you have options: you can pay in cash ( Vietnamese Dong or USD), by credit card (with an additional 3,5% fee applied), bank transfer (3,% fee ). We want to make the deposit and payment process as convenient as possible for you. Thank you so much.