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                                    SAIGON → HA NOI: 14DAYS/ 13 NIGHTS




Long trip from Saigon to Hanoi 14days 13nights.


Meeting point


Hotel pick-up.




14 days /13 nights.




Daily from 8:30 AM.




Hotel pick-up and drop-off


Motorbike, gasoline

Entrance fees at tourist spots.







Personal expenses 

Tips and gratuities.





Day 1: Sai Gon → Dong Xoai

Leave the busy of HCMC for Dong Xoai, The highlight of this day is Cu Chi tunnel, a historical area that shows how Vietnamese soldier against American and Vietnam southern soldier in the war. After understanding all of the history in this land, you can try to get into the tunnel crawling or shutting gun.

Accommodation: hotel in Dong Xoai


Day 2:  Dong Xoai → Dakmil


Leaving Dong Xoai to a cocoa plantation, and head to Ho Chi Minh trail where you can learn more about the civil war of Vietnam between northern and southern government before 1975. Go along the border belt between Vietnam and Cambodia and visit another hill tribe group

Visit cashew factory or rubber plantation then at the end of the day, you will be taken to visit the soldier cemetery before check in at the hotel.

Accommodation: hotel in Dakmil.


Day 3: Dakmil → Lak Lake


Leave Dakmil for Lake lake, don’t miss your chance to learn about local culture, and there’s also a chance for you to try elephant ride or dug-out canoe trip on the lake (optional, extra pay for activities). Move on Bao Dai hill where the last King of Vietnam used to stay for hunting animal and learn more about the King history.

Before getting to another waterfall for swimming or trekking, come to visit local rice paper, rice noodle making or go to the local market to buy fresh chicken – baguette for picnic lunch in the national park (optional, choices are picnic lunch or at a restaurant). 35 more km ride to the hotel, you can ask for the hammock to take a rest with a cup of coffee or tea.

Accommodation: hotel in Lake lake.


Day 4: Lak Lake → Kontum


Our journey continue rolling on the Ho Chi Minh trail to the Sea Lake “The Eyes of Pleiku”, here is a good place to take pictures and feel the nature, then visit to a tea farm, Buddhism temple. Kontum, a small and peaceful land by the Dkbla River, is a virgin land with pristine nature and intact hill-tribe culture such as the Bahnar, the J’rai and the Sedand. The town also still retains vestiges of ancient cathedral architecture such as the wooden church (where the local orphanage living) buying some gifts or candy or asking question is welcoming. It is good to discover the culture here as well as walking around the village to visit the communal house and beautiful river.

Accommodation: hotel in  Kontum.


Day 5: Kontum → Phuoc Son


Visit the local market early in the morning and discovery the daily life of Vietnamese people or the river bank before living Kontum. Stop at the war monument where you can see the VC (Vietnam Communist) tanks, which was used to fight against American and southern government during the war. The old Phoenix Airport, Charlie hill was also the battle field in the war.

Accommodation: hotel in Phuoc Son Town


Day 6: Phuoc son  → A Luoi


This area was the battle field where the southern government dropped the bomb “B52” during 1964 →1967. It was also a path of western Truong Son range where the VC transferred weapons, soldiers from the north to the south. Visit some more villages and stop for taking pictures.

Accommodation: hotel in  A Luoi.


Day 7: A Luoi → Hue


Leave A Luoi for the old Capital city Hue, you are going to visit the Hamburger Hill (war history vestige), through the 30km long on the mountain with such marvellous nature, then visit to The Minh Mang’ Royal Tomb, conical hat making.

Accommodation: hotel in Hue

Day 8: Hue city → Dong Hoi


Come to the Vinh Moc tunnels and stopin DMZ battle field to understand more about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975. Before going to Dong Hoi town, we will continue rolling on the Ho Chi Minh trail to see the spectacular scenery of Northern Truong Son range 

Accommodation: hotel in Dong Hoi


Day 9: Dong Hoi  → Phong Nha


Head back on Ho Chi Minh trail to Phong Nha Caves, which is the one of the wonder heritages of Vietnam. Check in hotel before exploring the caves by boat 500 meters depth and drive a bit on the Ke Bang national park to see the beautiful sunset.

Accommodation: hotel in Phong Nha


Day 10: Phong Nha → Vinh


Leave the marvelous Phong Nha Caves to visit amazing scenery on the pass, and then visit to Ho Chi Minh homeland before arriving to Vinh city.

Accommodation: hotel in Vinh


Day 11: Vinh → Thanh Hoa


Move down to the coastline to Thanh Hoa. This day is a relaxing day after 10 days trip on the mountain. Visit some tobacco farms and enjoying the nature.

Accommodation: hotel in Thanh Hoa

Day 12: Thanh Hoa → Mai Chau


LeaveThanh Hoa to the most beautiful village of White Thai people where you do homestay, go shopping in the local traditional hand - made shop, listen to music of Thai dancer, see the technique of growing rice plan and have a bonfire at night with the local people ( can be 2 nights here if prefer)

Accommodation: homestay


Day 13: Mai Chau → Ninh Binh


Move out of Ninh Binh to Tam Coc cave early in the morning. Then take boat trips around the three caves with water- rice field surround. Ride bicycle around to visit some vestiges and temple.

Accommodation: Hotel in Ninh Binh


Day 14: Ninh Binh → Ha Noi


Ninh Binh was the ancient capital of An Nam country (the old name of Vietnam from 679- 1164), where you can visit to Hoa Lu castle, listen to the history or traditional Vietnamese houses and life. Arrive to Ha Noi around 3:30 pm

End the tour. At the end of the tour, you will be dropped at your hotel which you have already booked at Hoi Noi, or will be helped to find a hotel in Ha Noi by our tour guide.


Note: If you are an experienced driver, you could ride the bike along the journey with us from 2 people.



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